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HR Analyst Services

  • Tapping HR data for better Growth of Companies.
  • Analysing Hiring Trend and Comparative market Trend .
  • Reducing Hiring rehiring cost of Companies.
  • Attrition Analysis.
  • Departmental Trend and its Impact on Total Manpower Requirement.
  • Labour Data Analysis Services.
  • Bill Management Service of HR Vendors.

Human Resource Analyst Services is New in the industry domain but it provide an effective tool in understanding the current sinario of the Human Resource Requirement for the client , It help you to take decision based on the data from last 10 Year and Produce a Vision for Next 10 year Human requirement. HR Analyst Services of Jobnet Provide more Resource full insight about the Various Cost Applied on Manpower and its effect on Real output and Production. HR Intelligence Services Gather the data of Attrition And Study the Reason for the Employee who left the organisation before the Maturity Period which is Considered to be 3+ year on Avg depending on position. It help Business head to take decision to Hire Employee from this this Company and not to hire from this this Units. HR Intelligence and HR Analyst service Work on Real Raw Data Provided by Company and its not based out of Assumption and Experience. Not only White Collar , Blue Collar employee data is also been Processed and studied and Analysed.

Advantages to the Company with HR Analyst Services

  • Quick Understanding of Cost Implied to Human Resource.
  • Help in making Future decision.
  • No need to Brainstorm in Board meeting for the cost escalation Data Speak for itself.
  • Invest in Right Direction the Growth Areas.
  • We Deliver the Solution to the Pained Areas.
  • High Operational Efficiency.
  • Alternate method of Cost Saving.
  • Offer letter.
  • Appointment letter.
  • Compliance part.