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Labor Vendor Management

Your Organisation had grown from Headquarter to Office at Every Major Cities , Plant at Every Industrial belt , Marketing Office at Every Possible Cities of India . this Expansion is Fuelled by High Demand and You have achieved a lot more success but nothing fails like Success if it not being Managed Well Undboutbly You have Big Employee strength and Huge Labour Laws to be followed for Labour Contractors , Third Party Vendors Jobnet Provide a Single Vendor for PAN India Strategy to help Companies Simplify Their Business operation .

We understand that managing each Small HR vendor is Risky task , There are Many Instance of failed cases of Compliance whose price has to be ultimately paid by the Principle Employer . The long Grown list of Labour Contractor and Auditing their Compliance Every month then Small Fault line in the billing Formats . We Raise One Single Invoice for all Your HR Vendor Across India for Various plants , Various Activity Whether small or Big .


  • Single Vendor To be managed for All HR Operation PAN India.
  • Keep Check on all Compliance With Single Person in contact.
  • No need to manage Huge bills and checking their Accuracy.
  • Risk Free Operation.
  • Free to appoint any HR Vendor with Local Plant or Office Suggestion.
  • Less Non Plan Budget to be allocated for HR.
  • Get Every Single Parameter of HR Compliance Implemented in Short span of time with Only one Vendor to be managed.
  • keep all Vendor as Subcontractor that will be Kept Audited and Checked by Jobnet.
  • Appointment letter.
  • Compliance part.

For Whom it will work

  • Companies having Sacttered Plant.
  • Orgnisation Facing Vendor Audit Failur.
  • Risk Area of Compliance by Vendor.
  • Too many Small vendor of Labour and Staffing.
  • Increase Manpower for Project or Seasonal Demand Rise which put Risk of Compliance Ignorance.
  • Frequent Change of Labour Vendors.
  • Companies who Want to Centralise the Opration.
  • Multinational who want to Consolidate the Cost Centre of Business.