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Recruitment Process OutSourcing (RPO)

Your Recurring Recruiment Cost and Payment to consultatn is Piling up, and You don’t have Idea how to Allocated planed Buddge to it,

Many Consulatnt to manage and No Track of Selection and Quality hirings?

jobnet had RPO Service offering which work on per month Fee and then You don’t have to pay A Months Salary to the Consultant.

Our Domain Expert Recruiter Currently for Pharma, Agribusiness, Marketing Offices offer the RPO Services which proves to be every light on Total Cost,

RPO Services of Pharma , Agri and Marketing Units also pramot the Employer brand across the large pool of database.

We provide volume based Service Pockerts , Depending on the Companies hiring trend and Targets.

We are Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers that is just act like extension of your hiring Arm of Human Resouce.

It Not Only Assigning the Extra work but it aslo measn Appoitning Deddicataed Professional to Impart Trust in Brand of the candidate with Expectional feedback and Recruitmetn Proceess.

RPO Service is mix of Our People -Our Process -Our Technology and Your Brand Which ultimately get benifited, We also Transfer theis Process, Princilples, SOP to our Client if they choose to Handle RPO after few year or Month.

RPO Generate the Response System for Every candiadate who wish to be in your orgnsation who think your Company is best to work for him.

If Some Sort of Wrong information is Spread then it has to be get adreessed through proper feedback System , which is often not possible with the current HR Department of Compaies.

We Either work in house or In Office of the client managing Day to day activity of hiring.

Service include

  • Understanding Requirment from Company.
  • Resource allocation.
  • Sourcig of candidate through various means.
  • Primary Interview and Selection.
  • Feedback To all Participants.
  • Repsonse Mangment.
  • Skill Test and Primary Background Check.
  • Offer letter.
  • Appointment letter.
  • Compliance part.