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Temporary Staffing Services

Jobnet provide temporary staffing solution, third party payroll service. Temporary staffing has been chosen by Indian companies when they understood the requirement of outsourcing the function which is impacting operational efficiency.

At Jobnet we have favour made the outsource of temporary staff according to business recruitment.

Every industry has its own requirement of temporary staff which highly depend type of business. The company involves in automobile companies require more manpower which are temporary for the line production.in some part of month while the pharmaceutical industry has same no. of sales people through year on field.

Kipping temporary staff help companies to understood the high growth areas, degrading growth area, area which are under project. Easy replacement increase and recruit in manpower are core objective should a company archive in outsource of manpower.

Jobnet had kept 100+ client satisfied with onetime service. single point contact support to its 5000+ associates .our core objective is to keep the purpose of our client business objective of outsourcing its employees to us.

How Jobnet help can help your business??

Tell us your pain areas of human resource will come at with best solution.

  • If your facing high manpower turnover
  • If your organisation have high attrition.
  • To many branches and plant units.
  • If you under listed manpower is too long.
  • If companies audit take month to complete.
  • If you have started a new project.
  • If you think your requirement may 90% To 20% in a month time.
  • Managing expenses and salary of marketing employees become too much documentary.
  • Outsource to Jobnet will take care of all there.

Currently Jobnet had established with 5000 associates across all major sector.

Single Pan India Vendor Management For Labour

Lot of organisation today face problem of organising all pan India vendor for different local unit. Jobnet had launched a new kind of outsourcing where your PAN India labour contractor can be managed by single vendor

Uniform vendor ship of manpower is win-win situation both for local unit and companies head quarters. Jobnet will maintain, manage and organise each small vendor of labour contraction. The Head quarter directly take report from jobnet.which is ultimately responsible for each continued.

Process diagram of Temporary Staffing

Jobnet is very flexible organisation when it come to understanding the purpose Of temporary staffing ,contractual manpower outsourcing, manpower on contract basis We consider following factor while preparing service delivery quotation.

  • Type of businesses
  • Type of people employed .
  • Problem faced by employer.
  • Pain areas of the associate which intend to be outsourced.
  • Recruitment solution is required or not.